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Good Luck

by Animalweapon

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It's covered by cloud Whispering through This is a new kind of science A mechanical sound on every last channel I think it's coming this way You're out of your frame You must be new to this Just give me a second to collect my composure The buildings collapse from the weight of the punch I think we'd better keep our mouths shut A hailstorm of missles You can't sing for shit You've set the whole place on fire
Research 05:01
It doesn't look so bad from here Fell in its own footprint Finger on the blue part of the map I think I've seen enough from here You should see the notes I took Looks just like I've got some sort of plan I've been doing research Floating somewhere over sea Hoping for happy accidents And everywhere but here is bleached of just a little more color Everyone is gonna be just fine.
The light is still on in the room The smoke is filling up the sky You are this great, immovable something I summon colossal floods. Don't give it anymore caffeine It just needs a place to sleep These things take time and tact that we don't have The water spilling through the gate A little less avant-garde this time I'd like to think you'll thank me one day These things are predetermined If that's what you believe in The light dimming in the room She's never coming back.
Rhen Var 03:22
Flightpill 04:30
Automate 03:46
I think they've got it down to some kinda science at this point And only I am smart enough to put two and two together And really I'm the only one who seems to be immune to all of this And maybe that sounds arrogant Or maybe you're just a sucker. They've got you on the radio Shooting sine waves looped at the hour If only you were smart enough You'd sense some kind of pattern I think you might have missed the point You probably should have read the words I think they love you anyway Tell 'em just what they wanna hear But you've got no imagination. And you know Somebody's gonna choke for this They must not have liked the lighting They're putting out a cigarette right in the palm of your hand, brother If only you were more aware You'd sense them right behind you Automating every limb Every last dead appendage Come on and use just a little imagination. You've got no imagination.
Earth's not cooling off I've gotta find another way out It's all coming down They might be coming back I've gotta build a bigger robot Catch them by surprise Becoming a problem I think I need a stronger drink please And maybe a weapon Can't plan for nothing They fall into another black hole Food for the shark tank Oooh I'm playing God I'm playing with a chemistry set And burn the whole thing down. Both eyes on the ball, boy I've got this all under control It's almost like clockwork Don't scale it back now You should have seen the look on your face You make it so easy Still half a bottle I think I'll pour another landmark And leave it in your yard Don't you look at me like that It's all I can do not to melt. Oooh I'm playing God I'm playing with a chemistry set And burn the whole thing down.
It's ringing in my ear Getting closer every twenty seconds I've wondered if there might be something else I forgot to mention You don't seem to be afraid You're safe on your ship for now Fast asleep Listen for the sound. You look it in the eye and see artifacts left over from the biggest battles You never really tried to stop changing with the climate Like it even matters They're coming through again in waves But I've left you somewhere safe for now Fast asleep Listen for the sound.
Good Luck 03:45


Period of work: 09/2010 - 02/2012


released March 27, 2012

All songs written, performed, produced and programmed by Patrick Cortes
Mixed and mastered by Patrick Cortes and Brian Rey
Additional mixing assistance on "Automate" by Joey Shellabarger
Artwork and package design by Jonathan Williams

Mom, Dad, John, Mary, Abby, Lucky, RHETORICJAMS, Brian Rey, John Moyer, John Taylor Raymond Warden, Jonathan Williams, Brittani McNeill, Johnny Cotten, Flempton, Joi Clark, Anthony Henslee, Kacie Hogan, Sara Robinson, Josh Minor, Katie Mottern, Cole Towsley, Emily Gomperts, David Smith, Mila Liakhovitser, Josh Mason, Brandy Cates, April Black, Wes Smith, Cameron Preston, Blake Brady, Daryll "Foxxie Boxxie" Howe, Shawn Ishihara, Justin Drust, Ryan Gibson, Joey Shellabarger, Daniel Smith, Ryan Tysinger, Seth Romatelli, Jonathan Larroquette, Will Wiesenfeld, Maurice Rivera Washington, Brian Transeau, Trent Reznor, WKNC Raleigh, Adult Swim, Shark Week.

For Lucky.

Copyright 2012. All rights reserved.


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Animalweapon Raleigh, North Carolina

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